Daily Devotion Day 50

After 50 days of bringing God´s Word and leading us to a time of worship, our Daily Devo has come to the final episode. Merces and Carrie Galit will lead us to a time of worship and Pastor Sam Adriano will exhort us from Psalm 139.

Daily Devotion Day 49

It’s a bit of a rainy Friday and it’s the last day of ECQ! As we move to GCQ, towards the new normal, we are faced with the big question, “WHAT’S NEXT?” Join Sait Zialcita and Pastor Angelo for the 49th day of our Daily Devo.

Daily Devotion Day 48

The ultimate reason for everything that we are doing is to be drawn closer to God and not just do something while on quarantine. Are we still driven by our first love for God? Join Hansel Ybañez and Art Banania for our 48th Daily Devo.

Daily Devotion Day 47

Moving in this ECQ for the past two months has proven us something, that God’s love will never fail us. Let’s be reminded again of that as Merces, Carrie and Jedi Galit leads us to worship and as Pastor Willie takes us into a greater appreciation of God’s Word.

Daily Devotion Day 46

As we go through the remaining days of this ECQ and transition to GCQ, let’s continue to hold on to God’s all-sustaining and all-sufficient grace. Join Geleen Carungcong and Pastor Mervin Rodriguez for a time of worship and the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 45

Let’s approach the week full of faith and hope! Join Aries, Paul and Lala for a time of worship and Word.

Daily Devotion Day 44

The weekend is here! And so is the summer heat! Let’s spend our Saturday lunch with Don Salazar, Em and Jam Tupaz and Samia Bondoc for a time of worship and the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 43

Another week is ending and ECQ is nearing its end, too! Let’s get a boost of faith and courage. Join Dennis, Chessa and Kenjie.

Daily Devotion Day 42

The sun is definitely brighter than usual! And so is our next generation! Join siblings, Don Salazar and Em Tupaz for a time of worship and Paul Te for an inspiring Word!

Daily Devotion Day 41

There is nothing more reassuring than the God’s mindfulness of and care for us. Let us hear it from Shane Viduya and her dad, Herbert Viduya for today’s devo!

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