Daily Devotion Day 5

Hello Church! It’s the fifth day of our Daily Devo. When the waiting is taking longer than usual, what do we do? Pastor Mervin Rodriguez encourages us today from the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 50

After 50 days of bringing God´s Word and leading us to a time of worship, our Daily Devo has come to the final episode. Merces and Carrie Galit will lead us to a time of worship and Pastor Sam Adriano will exhort us from Psalm 139.

Daily Devotion Day 30

Everyday, choose to think about God and let His peace rule in your heart. Join us for today’s devo with Betsy, Jhem and Geleen for kur time of worship and Laud Tiemsem for our study of the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 32

As another week of quarantine ends and with the news of its extension, let us continue to fix our eyes on Jesus! Let’s join Gladys Suthasiri and Mae Forbes for our time of worship and Word.

Daily Devotion Day 36

What troubles you today? Put your hope in God! Join Jhem Luyon, Geleen Carungcong and Ian Magallanes for today’s devo!

Daily Devotion Day 13

Aren’t you thankful for another day to bask in God’s presence? Then join us for today’s devo brought to us by Jcee Alcantara and Donna Banania, two of our group leaders!

Daily Devotion Day 15

The new week promises new hope for all of us! Let us face the week with MASKS and expectation! Merces and Carrie Galit leads us to a powerful time of worship while Jake Pagsuguiron inspires us with the Word!

Daily Devotion Day 6

As we fast and pray today, let's be encouraged with a message from Lala Ilagan, one of our campus missionaries. Let a familiar verse bring us new encouragement and comfort to all of us.

Daily Devotion Day 44

The weekend is here! And so is the summer heat! Let’s spend our Saturday lunch with Don Salazar, Em and Jam Tupaz and Samia Bondoc for a time of worship and the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 1

Join us for Daily Devotion Day 1 with our Senior Pastor, Pastor Sam Adriano! Share this with your family and friends!

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