Daily Devotion Day 10

Another day to devote ourselves to God to quiet our spirits from the noise and tension of the world. Today, we will be led to a time of worship by Ryan Deliva and for a dive into the Word by Precious Beldad, one of our campus missionaries.

Daily Devotion Day 9

A new week awaits us with hope, anticipation and faith! Get ready to worship God through Merces and Carrie Galit and hear God’s inspiring Word from one of our campus missionaries, Analyn Hugo.

Daily Devotion Day 8

Today’s devo will encourage us to look past this trial as in any other trial that we face in life. Humphrey Lim, one of our campus missionaries, brings today’s encouragement for all of us.

Daily Devotion Day 7

With all that we are seeing in the news and on social media, it is very easy to be focused on the situation that's confronting us. Or we can choose to see the goodness of God! Lei Garcia gives us today's encouragement from the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 6

As we fast and pray today, let's be encouraged with a message from Lala Ilagan, one of our campus missionaries. Let a familiar verse bring us new encouragement and comfort to all of us.

Daily Devotion Day 5

Hello Church! It’s the fifth day of our Daily Devo. When the waiting is taking longer than usual, what do we do? Pastor Mervin Rodriguez encourages us today from the Word.

Daily Devotion Day 4

As days go by, there is a need to be more encouraged to counter the discouraging news that we see and read around and that’s what Pastor Willie Limjoco is bringing to us today.

Daily Devotion Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of our Daily Devo. Today, we will be joined by Art Banania, one of our staff and ministry intern.

Daily Devotion Day 2

Join us for Day 2 of our Daily Devo. Today's devo is by Pastor Angelo Salazar. Continue encouraging others by liking and sharing this video!

Daily Devotion Day 1

Join us for Daily Devotion Day 1 with our Senior Pastor, Pastor Sam Adriano! Share this with your family and friends!

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